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* Ideas you’ll want to steal: Detailed stories about  West Virginians who are doing great stuff in their communities.

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* Latest research: Study after study shows that we’re on the right track. You’ll want to be up to date on that.

* Profiles of community champions. Inspiring people who are making it happen where they live.

* Who can help me? Profiles of organizations that can help you help your community.

* Spotlight on the Try This Web site: a close-up view of useful resources you may want to follow up on.

* Try This minigrant and conference info

Announcements of events and workshops you’d like to know about.

* A monthly roundup of stories, news, pictures and information you can use!

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  1. I love the video. I have been lucky enough to meet and work with some of the most inspiring people in the world here in WV. In my own home Town, Matewan, WV, so many have worked and we have seen positive change. I’m grateful to WV Hub, Try This, and so many that have helped. It is inspiring to be a part of creating our own state and coming into our own identy. Others have controlled the narrative for far too long.

    IN THE FUTURE WHAT WILL SOUTHERN WV – ALL OF WV BE? ………. iNFUSED with a wonderful NEW ENERGY & A THRIVING group of Amazing Appalachian Artisans- the people that have become the Heart & Soul of America in this new century? You think that is impossible? This little area always has been the heart of America for almost a hundred years. The coal trains were like arteries and veins to our nation.The national resources of giant trees, gas, and coal, flowed out of West Virginia, like our state was an never ending source that gave light, home, and life. Our riches were plundered, while we were ridiculed. The youth were our most important resource and they became a progressive part of our nation, when they left their home. Fear grows & they say, “We are nothing without coal?” Really? We always were “Something!” Our earth may be filled with empty caverns and many blasted away mountains. Yet light shines in a vacuum. A new perspective is discovered, a new energy within, creates enlightened minds & hearts. It flows from our center, and no one can take it away. Be Still – I Am. STAY HERE AND CREATE.

    I want to invite you to Matewan’s Homecoming this Sat. 1oth. Be sure to visit our New West Virginia Mine Wars Museum.
    Wilma Lee Steele

  2. Love this movement!
    Please add me!

  3. The Team from Young Chapel AMEC will be attending the up coming meeting October 15,2016 at Wesleyan College. In attendance, will be, myself Teresa Crisp, Sparkle Wade, and Amanda Fain. We will not be able to purchase with credit card, we will pay for the workshop when we arrive. We would appreciate it, if you include us in head count.
    we will be representing ” Growing Healthy Children”
    thanks Teresa Crisp

  4. i will be working with the native American community in Choctaw Mississippi this coming year. I would like to use this program to help them

    • Global vision Faith Center in Philadelphia Mississippi

  5. I am the outreach lead for West Virginia at County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that supports local advocates working to improve the health of their communities. We provide a range of resources at no cost to advocates, including community coaching to help organizations and coalitions in their efforts to promote policy changes and/or implement programs aimed at systems changes. Please send me a note if you’d like to hear more about any of the resources CHR&R provides.

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