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Try This, Huntington area!

If you’re working for a healthier Huntington area …

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July 14th at St. Mary’s Conference Center. /  2849 5th Avenue, Huntington /  9:00 – 3:00 PM

Register here.

Agenda here … and downloadable version below



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Come celebrate what’s already been done!  … 

Trade ideas and resources! … 

Meet new like-minded people! …

Brainstorm next steps! …

Eat great food, locally sourced and prepared for you!

And wish The Wild Ramp a happy fifth birthday!






Agenda here … and downloadable version below



Register here!



It’s a big networking gathering for people who are building a healthier area, project by project …  Brainstorming … meeting new collaborators … a feeling of pride in what’s been accomplished … dreaming about what’s to come!

Planned and organized by a great group of Huntington-area people who work for the Cabell-Huntington Health Department, the City of Huntington, the Village of Barboursville, The Wild Ramp, Gro Huntington, Huntington’s Kitchen, TriStateRacer, Goodwill Industries, Marshall, and many others.


 What comes out of a Try This regional gathering? It’s different from region to region.

It depends on what people get excited about.


  • Wheeling has a new bicycling group that started at once of these gatherings. Bike Wheeling started when a bunch of bicycle-lovers – some of them strangers – sat down and brainstormed at the Try This regional gathering in April. Now they’ve made it happen.
  • At a brainstorming session at the Greenbrier Valley Try This gathering, people decided to form a multi-county funding collaborative to pursue multi-county projects. Now they’re meeting. They dreamed it up at the gathering and are making it happen!
  • In Parkersburg this year, people from the Mid-Ohio Valley area who use physical activity, mindfulness and healthy food as tools in drug prevention and recovery met and brainstormed projects during a brainstorming session at the Try This regional gathering. They are planning to stay in touch and explore further. Even if they come up with no concrete “project” for awhile, it’s a huge step that they met each other and are talking now. It will lead to something.
  • What happens depends on what the group gets excited about. It’s different from place to place. 
  • One thing comes out of any regional meeting. The network is stronger and more cross-pollinating. The foodies have been talking with the get-active people. More people know each other. Seeds have been planted, and people have  started to think of what they’re doing in terms of the whole-community and common goals – not just their particular activity. That makes a difference.  That changes things.



 Try This sets up the structure by bringing creative people together.  


Huntington’s mayor is interested in having a Wellness Advisory Council, to help plan ways to make it easy for Huntington-area people to be physically active and get healthy food. This gathering could roll that ball forward.  Barboursville just created a Wellness Council. They’ll tell us about it, and that may spark something!  The Cabell Huntington Health Department wants a strong wellness component for their ongoing County plan. This gathering can energize all those processes.  Think what you wish could happen

Yoga or gardens in the schools? A better link between substance abuse programs and wellness programs? Come brainstorm it with people who can help make it happen! Plan next steps!



Register here!  Click this link!  Be there!


Here’s a gathering agenda poster you can download!



Here’s a flier!

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