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A healthy community is created like a jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time. Plan your pieces!

Scroll down and find a one-stop-shopping list of every activity on the site, a menu to choose from. Each link takes you to a page full of resources.

Suggestion: Work your way through the site, a few pages at a time. By the time you finish, you’ll know about a wide range of possibilities and know what other West Virginia communities are doing.



Make the economic development case for fitness / healthy food activities:

2. economic development

Funding:  $$: How to increase your grant success + grant sources

Make it easy for people to be physically active:

4. running and walking
5. build trails
7. water sports
8. get kids active after school2
9. others things communities do

Other important pages coming soon:

John and Regina Elzy
  • Troops and volunteers
  • Churches
  • Seniors
  • Get school wellness councils going
  • Create healthy child care centers

regional gatherings



  1. For Kate Long- I love this website! I spoke with Jennifer Boyd, and she recommended that I reach out to Kate Long. I think we have some projects and materials that would be most helpful to add to this website. I love what you are doing and would welcome the opportunity to speak with Kate Long regarding our work. This is fantastic.

    • Thanks, Ernestine. You can contact me at I know you’re with the American Heart Association, and I would be very glad to talk with you and incorporate your materials into the site.

  2. Great site! Very nice. I’ll be sharing with friends and students.

  3. Thanks, Matthew! We’ll get in touch! Research says that, if there was only one thing we could do to reduce childhood obesity, it would be to find alternatives to pop and sugar drinks.

  4. A few years ago I was at the local swimming pool and saw that the snack shack served only junk. French fries, candy, chips, pizza and, of course, soda. I talked to the rec director about this. The result was that started selling sour pickles. Not a bad start, but that’s about it. I need to go talk to her again, and maybe show her this site.

    • All right, Richard! If lots of us would do what you did, we’d have better choices. Other places have found that fruit, nuts and little packs of celery, carrots and dip sell, for instance. We’re going to put up a Healthy Celebrations page soon, with ideas along this line.

  5. Love the site and will share with everyone I know!

    • Thanks, Cathy. The more people who know about it, the more can use it!

  6. Dear Kate and others– thanks for your lovely work and this site. I am interested in connecting with you, as I have been doing work in creative writing with palliative care patients, the elderly, and others, often referred to as “narrative medicine.” I am looking for ways to collaborate and grow this work. You can read a bit about the work I have done at I hope perhaps this might be a place to start. Best, Renee

  7. I think teen and unwanted pregnancies hurt a community and maybe we all aren’t doing enough to work on this. If people who aren’t ready to have kids do have kids, that puts extra stress on the parents and give the kids a disadvantage from the start.

  8. Can you help me reach Keri Kennedy of the WV Farm to School Community Development Group Forward Fund. Her phone is not connected. I am a small farmer that is enrolled in the project.

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