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Map your community’s walking/running/hiking trails



The Bridgeport Walks group mapped good walking trails around the community.

Several West Virginia communities have created maps of the waking/running/hiking/biking/ cross-country skiing trails in their area. They hand maps out to local residents and put them in their tourism/economic development package to draw people looking for a relaxing outdoor experience.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department mapped all the hiking and biking trails in its six-county area. Huntington-area bike commuters have mapped the safest biking routes. See the Map Safe Biking Routes page. Dozens of West Virginians have put up good hiking and biking routes on the Web sites Map My Ride and Map My Run.


If you want to map your community …


Examples of WV community members that mapped their walks:


West Virginia has more than 300 miles of rail trail. The state Department of Commerce mapped the trails.

  • Want a more sophisticated map? Your regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (very few people ever heard of them) can help you map your trail system. In 2011, for instance, when the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department mapped trails in six counties, the MPO let them use its GPS unit, and their staff  translated the GPS files. Anyone can get those trail maps at Any urban area with a population of 50,000 or more must have an MPO, by federal law. Here is the list of regional West Virginia MPOs. Ask them if they will partner with you.

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  1. Good morning! I am the President of the Harrison Rail Trails in Harrison County. I see that you have trail link listed above, so I am assuming you have our WV rail-trails mapped here already?

    • Diana, I’m not exactly sure to what you are referring. Please look it over and make sure that we do have the trails mapped. If you see something that needs to be added or corrected email Ashley Starcher


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