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2020 Mini-grant Tutorial

Try This WV Mini-grant Tutorial for 2020


Here’s how you can apply for up to $3,000 for your healthy community project!
Because of COVID19, this year is different in so many ways. There will be two rounds of minigrants, one in June and one in October. The deadline for the first round is June 18 at 11:59.

Here is the Word application.  You can download it and print it out.

And here is a Survey Monkey application (new). 
The Survey Monkey version makes it easy to submit, but, will not let you close out and save. You have to paste it all in at one sitting. So we recommend downloading the Word version, preparing your answers, then pasting them into the Survey Monkey.

There is also an online version of the Try This checklist (part of the application). 
For easiest submission, do the Word version first, then transfer answers to the online version.

The application form will ask you to supply 3 – 5 SMARTgoals for your project. If you aren’t sure what that is, here’s a helpful tutorial and link to a great SMARTgoals video.

And here is a handy freestanding version of the budget sheet that you can use to work out your budget before pasting it into the online form.

For a detailed overview, read this basic info: How you can build a team and apply. You can download this sheet to your computer to read.