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A wonderful year in 2015-16

Bridgeport Farmers Mkt POP club 5

More than 300 kids found out they loved vegetables and fruit in the POP program at the Bridgeport Farmers Market. Copy this program!

Here’s the list of 2015-16 projects:

$102,000 to 53 community teams. 


Barbour County


Green Thumbs, Dirty Hands and Healthy Kids. Master Gardeners will pair with a PreK-8 school to create a garden that grows produce for the school cafeteria. Children will track production and learn about healthy eating. About 200 students will harvest six 4’x8’ raised vegetable garden beds.

They will chart growth, weigh and keep records of the type, poundage and other specifics of the produce grown.

Partners: Barbour County Master Gardeners; Tygart Valley Growers Association; Philippi Mennonite Church; WVU Barbour County Extension; Kasson Elementary Middle School; Sickler Farms; Barbour County FRN; Philippi Public Library. Lead Contact: Bob Wilkins / 304-457-4320 /


Berkeley County


Healthy Berkeley: It’s Up To Us! This team will create running and fitness programs in the community and schools by becoming a Road Runners of America (RRCA) Coaching Certification site. At least 10 newly trained coaches will oversee the Offer “mini” grants to at least 4 schools for fitness programs. They will conduct at least two community 5k training programs and operate two RRCA Kids Run the Nation After School Running Programs.

Partners: The Wellness Center @ Berkeley Medical Center; Berkeley County Health Department; Main Street Martinsburg; CC Promise House FRC; AmeriCorps VISTA; Girls On The Run; native design + brand communications; WVU Extension; community volunteers

Lead Contact: Dana M. DeJarnett / 304-264-1287 ex 31814 /


Street Medicine. WVU Medical students will help address diabetes and other chronic diseases among area homeless people by offering free clinic days and making street visits at least twice a month. Try This will fund a healthy lifestyle component of this, offering homeless people opportunities to join running groups and other activities that can help control diabetes. They will monitor success.

Partners: Stepping Stones / WVU Medical School; Good Samaritan Free Clinic; Bethel Assembly of God; Immanuel’s House. Lead Contact: Cosby Potter-Davis / 304-671-7223 /


Brooke, Hancock Counties


** Brooke Hancock Garden Initiative

This team will create two school-based gardening programs and expand their 2014 community garden. Beech Bottom Primary, Brooke County, will start with six raised beds. The third-graders will plant vegetables and herbs, using a garden-based curriculum. First and second-graders at Allison Elementary, Hancock County, will begin planting in their greenhouse in January 2016. Weirton Christian Center will expand their community garden in spring.

Partners: Brooke Hancock FRN; Weirton Christian Center; WVU Hancock County Extension; WVU Brooke County Extension; Master Gardeners; Hancock County School District; Brooke County School District; Northern Panhandle Parents As Teachers. Lead Contact: Rita Hawkins / 304-748-7850 /


Cabell County


Produce Peddlers. This team will create an affordable fresh-food supply through a CSA program for 20 families in a Huntington food desert. At least 30 Cabell County Youth Report Center youth will set up and maintain the site and will have the option of paid work with the program after they finish their community service hours. They will put in at least 200 volunteer hours to rehab one vacant underutilized HURA lot while they learn about the food business and entrepreneurship.  See Huntington Herald-Dispatch article.

Partners: City of Huntington; WVSU Extension Service; Cabell County Youth Report Center; Huntington Urban Renewal Authority; First Baptist Church. Lead Contact: Valerie Bandell / 410-371-5063 /


Daniel Plan Launch Pad Workshops. This team will train members of at least ten churche to offer the Daniel Plan, a popular faith-based healthy living program in their churches. A chef will use fresh local food to teach basics of food preparation and cooking. The team will also provide personal health coaching and keep tabs on the implementation of the Daniel Plan at the churches.

Partners: First Baptist Church of Kenova; City of Huntington; Daniel Plan Team; Lost Art of Culinary Lead Contact: Joshua Sowards / 304-544-6948 /


** Huntington Boys and Girls Clubs Gardening and Healthy Eating Project. This team will add healthy cooking classes and new raised beds to their 2014 gardening project. At least 155 boys and girls will learn gardening skills and attend farm field trips to learn about the health and economic benefits of locally raised and/or organic food and observe food production. At least 36 will participate in nutrition and healthy cooking class at Huntington’s Kitchen. The food harvested from the raised beds will be prepared as snacks. Partners: Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition; WVSU Extension Office; Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington; Huntington Kitchen Lead Contact: Tonya Adkins / 304-522-0246 /


** Try This Huntington. This team will offer hundreds of families a wide range of healthy living activities during the year. A local branch of Hike It Baby, Family Fun Day, Super Snack Day, a back-to-school school event, Christmas and spring break activities, and a healthy Community Baby Shower are among the planned events. 2014 events often attracted more than 500 people, primarily parents and young children.

Partners: TEAM for WV Children; Mountain State Healthy Families; Marcum Terrace Family Resource Center; Valley Health; Cabell County FRN and Partners in Prevention; United Way of the River Cities – Success by 6; Necco; Coventry Cares; WVU Cabell County Extension; MISSION, WV; Cabell County WIC Program Lead Contact: Laurie McKeown / 304-523-9587 ex 308 /


Life on Lots. By October 2016, this team will ask citizens in six at-risk neighborhoods to help create public green space in areas now occupied by dilapidated buildings. In 2015, the team will host active, healthy neighborhood block parties on vacant lots and survey participants about ways to use the lots could be used for green space (park, community garden, etc.). The team will engage at least 300 residents in outdoor play and planning events between May and October 2016.

Partners: Huntington Urban Renewal Authority; KEYS 4 Healthy Kids; WVSU Extension; Neighborhood Institute. Lead Contact: Breanna Shell, Huntington city planner / 304-696-4438 /


Start Young, Finish Strong. This team will educate preschool children and families at one childcare center on the importance of healthy eating and drinking water. They will implement at least nine new internal policies inspired by the KEY 2 A Healthy Start workshop. In seven new raised beds, all children will participate in growing, tending and harvesting plants. Children ages 2-5 will sell produce at Wild Ramp market. Six-week classes for about 60 families will stress importance of good nutrition and ways to prepare healthy meals. Information about healthy eating and exercise habits will be sent home with children monthly.

Partners: WVU Cabell County Extension; Wild Ramp; KEYS 4 Healthy Kids; City of Huntington; Enterprise Family Group. Lead Contact: Jennifer Conkle / 304-429-3882 /


Calhoun County


Calhoun Recreation and Development Corporation Partnership (CRDC). This team will help restart the Calhoun youth basketball league shut down by lack of funding in 2014. They will provide a basketball program for at least100 students in 2nd-5th grades, engage local volunteers to coordinate the program, provide coaching, provide officiating, and other needed support. They will also partner with Calhoun Farmers Market to sell produce at Minnie Hamilton health system, and the Calhoun Ministerial Association will implement the Daniel Plan in at least two churches. The league will create community buy-in for other healthy living initiatives.

Partners: Minnie Hamilton Health System; Calhoun Recreation and Development Corporation; 4H Program of Calhoun; Calhoun Schools; Calhoun Farmers Market; Calhoun Ministerial Association

Lead Contact: Steve Whited / 304-354-9244 /


Clay County


Get Moving Clay County. This team will recruit area residents who want to help beautify the county while they exercise. At least 20 residents will maintain two trail areas and install mew markers on the trails. They will also survey area women to find out what physical activity opportunities they would like. They will create a Get Moving Clay County walking campaign with at least 50 participants.

Partners: Clay County Health Department; Clay County FRN; Coventry Cares of WV; WVU Extension. Lead Contact: Cheryl Jackson / 304-545-2675 /


Fayette County


Fayetteville Outdoor Adventure 4-H Club. This team will provide scholarships and equipment to take low income high school kids on active adventure trips they might not otherwise be able to afford, to expose them the outdoor recreation opportunities available in their area. They will provide at least 10 scholarships in the 2015-2016 school year and will buy outdoor equipment that can be loaned to trip participants.

Partners: Fayette County FRN; Active Southern West Virginia; Office of Child Nutrition; Fayette County Resource Coordinator; Fayette County Living Well Workgroup; Fayetteville 4-H; WVU Fayette County Extension. Lead Contact: Joe DeGaetano / 571-269-8328 /


** Fayette SALS. Second year. This funding will help create a program for youth ages 12-16 to teach them about growing produce, canning produce, raising bees and harvesting honey, and raising other animals. Youth will work in the garden 10 hours a week and sell products at the Fayette Farmers Market to learn about entrepreneurship and help sustain the program.

Partners: Southern Appalachian Labor School; Fayette County Farmers Market; Ross IGS; WVU Fayette County Extension; United Bank of Montgomery WV. Lead Contact: John David / 304-250-7627 /


Fayette Compost Pilot Program. This funding will pay for a pilot vermiculture composting program in two county schools. Children will learn to reduce food waste through composting and chemistry. Valuable organic compost to be created for the Farm To School gardens. Two teachers and at least 50 students will participate in food waste recycling. Waste hauled from New River Elementary will be reduced by 35 lbs per week. Food waste hauled from Valley High School will be reduced by 75 lbs per week. More than 70 lbs of organic compost for Farm To School will be created every 3 weeks.

Partners: Fayette County Solid Waste Authority; WV Department of Education; Fayette County Board of Education; Fayette County Resource Coordinator’s Office; WVSU Extension

Lead Contact: Gabe Peña / 304-574-4339 /


The Great Tomato Giveaway. Mount Hope children will learn about gardening and growing food by giving out tomato plants to elementary school children. Gardening lessons will be given in spring 2016, then grape tomato plants will be given 250 Mount Hope Elementary School students, to plant and grow through the summer, and nutrition education classes will be conducted in the schools.

Partners: WVU Institute for Community and Rural Health; Adolescent Health Initiative; Mount Hope Elementary PTO; WVU Fayette County Extension, Youth Development Office; City of Mount Hope

Lead Contact: Donna Bush / 304-469-8084 /


Greenbrier County


** Committee on Aging Raised Bed Garden. This team will build 10 raised bed gardens at a senior center, engaging 50 seniors in planting and tending the garden. They will create a safe space for a Committee on Aging garden and engage Master Gardeners and Scouts in 100 volunteer hours to build the garden and have nutrition workshops.

Partners: Greenbrier County Commission; Greenbrier Health Department; Greenbrier County Health Alliance; Greenbrier County Master Gardeners; City of Ronceverte. Lead Contact: Roy Grimes / 304-667-2914 /


Harrison County


Power of Produce (POP) Club for Kids. The POP Club at the Bridgeport farmers market will teach at least 200 kids about fresh produce and get them to try new fruits and vegetables. At 13 events, one per week at each market, POP will reach an additional 500 kids. Each child receives POP tokens redeemable for farmers market produce. As a result of child participation in the POP club, the team expects to increase Farmers Market participation of SNAP recipients by 10%.

Partners: Alderson Broaddus: Bridgeport Farmers Market; Touchstone Data Systems; Bridgeport CVB; Harmony Farm; Weston Yoga; WVU School of Public Health; WV Community Development Hub. Lead Contact: Deb Workman / 304-669-4340 /


Clarksburg Growing Together Through Doing MORE & Broadway Community Garden. Juvenile drug court offenders will help two community organizations create a gardening and healthy eating project. Participants and at least 10 drug court participants will create two Clarksburg community gardens, engage five community members to mentor youth as they do their community service. The garden will provide five area homes with regular fresh produce.

Partners: Harrison County FRN; Harrison County Prevention Partnership; Harrison County YMCA; City of Clarksburg; Monticello Avenue resident; Broadway Neighborhood Watch; Connecting Point Church, Broadway Community. Lead Contact: Elizabeth M. Shahan / 304-423-5049 /


Jackson County


Riverfront Park Wellness Path. This funding will help build a walking path in the Ravenswood Riverfront Park for community use. They commit to build an 800’ X 6’ ADA-accessible walking path in the Ravenswood Riverfront Park; install 11 light posts to ensure a safe environment for day and evening walkers and runners; engage 15 community volunteers for 100 volunteer hours each to construct the path and install the light posts.

Partners: Ravenswood Development Authority; City of Ravenswood; WV DHHR Division of Rural Health and Recruitment; Sisters of St. Joseph; CJ Enterprises

Lead Contact: Corky McCorkle / 304-532-9133 /


Kanawha County


Country Kids Daycare & Child Development Center Community Garden & Outdoor Learning Environment. A daycare and a local church will partner to build 10 raised garden beds to be part of the daycare curriculum. The team will also offer cooking classes for congregation members and daycare families, using garden produce. The daycare staff will complete a Nutritional and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care (NAPSACC) training. Other parents and church members will prepare the ground, fence and planting beds. All 95 daycare children will will spend time in the garden daily, learning from a garden-based curriculum.

Partners: Country Kids Daycare; WVU Extension/SYGSN; KEYS for Healthy Kids; Southeast Church of the Nazarene . Lead Contact: Christina Hughes / 304-926-6003 /


Healthy Community Arts. This team, led by the East End Family Resource Center, is adding arts and healthy living components to their community garden efforts and overall program. They hold programs in the garden and in their center and host 12 family fun nights with healthy living activities.

Partners: East End FRN; Main Street; WVSU Extension; Resurrection Church

Lead Contact: Terri A. Berkley / 304-344-1656 /


Brains and Brawn/ Get Moving Summer and After School Enrichment

In spring 2016, the team will start an afterschool Brains and Brawn weight-loss and literacy enrichment camp/program that serves 40 at-risk youth children in low-income housing projects ages 8-18. They will create a similar camp in summer 2016. engaging participants in fitness activities and reading. They will achieve or exceed 5,000 total youth fun fitness and 5,000 reading hours by the end of August.

Partners: Dreams Community Development Corporation; WVU Extension Obesity Prevention; Neighborhood Networks, Inc. Lead Contact: Obi Henderson / 265-457-7143 /


Get Off Your Bum and Drum This project is being redesigned. This team will engage at least 100 underserved young people in a free healthy living curriculum that incorporates music and drumming with healthy lifestyle education.

Partners: WVSU Extension; WV Promise AmeriCorps VISTA; Keep Your Faith Corporation; Rock Lake Community Life Center; WVSU Music Department.



Lewis County


** Willow Street Natural Playground – second year

Try This funding will help create a natural play area and outdoor classroom for the local elementary school. Volunteers will put in 350 hours of volunteer time to build it. At least 115 children from Saint Patrick Elementary School will use it as an outdoor classroom. Additional gardening areas will be provided for the Lewis County Family Resource Network Food Pantry.

Partners: Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital; City of Weston; Lewis County Ministerial Association; Lewis County Health Department; Lewis County Family Resource Network. Lead Contact: Julia Spelsberg / 304-269-8167 /


Adult Exercise Equipment at Jane Lew City Park. This team will install adult exercise equipment in the Jane Lew City Park to help address lack of a town gym or fitness center. They will advertise and encourage use of the equipment, in conjunction with Jane Lew Community Center and will form a Senior Citizens Exercise Club with at least 25 members. They aim to increase usage of Jane Lew Park by 20% by June 2016.

Partners: Jane Lew Town Council; Jane Lew Community Center; Lewis County First; Lewis County Chamber of Commerce. Lead Contact: Cynthia Swiger / 304-884-7910 /


Logan County


** Renew Rebuild Unite Cora-Shamrock. – second year. Building on their successful 2014 gardening grant, this community team will restore a greenhouse and help area residents learn to garden. Local families will plant, weed and improve the community garden, installing new fences and building a storehouse. At least five teachers and 50 students will help with the greenhouses, as will another three community organizations.

Partners: Recovery Group of Southern WV; LEAD community organization; AFSC BAPS Youth Leadership Program Lead Contact: Lida Shepherd / 304-356-8428 /


Marion County


Blackshere Youth Garden Program. This team is will expand the garden and create indoor grow labs for Blackshere Elementary’s gardening curriculum. They will build five additional raised garden beds and construct hoop cold frames for 10 raised bedsto extend the growing season. They will equip a mobile food prep/cooking station so kids can learn to prep the produce for cooking.

Partners: Blackshere Elementary; Mannington Presbyterian; Mannington Main Street; Fairmont State University. Lead Contact: Stacie Fridley / 304-986-2232 /


Super Healthy Sunbeam Families. This team will expand their school garden and curriculum and create a natural playground to serve children of many ages. They will implement at least nine new policies that reflect the goals set in the KEYS 2 A Healthy Start workshops by October 2015 using NAP SACC (Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care). They will create a natural playground and four new raised beds and host in-school nutrition workshops and evening healthy cooking workshops for parents.

Partners: Sunbeam Early Learning Center; Three Trees Design and Landscaping; WVU Extension Office; KEYS 4 Healthy Kids. Lead Contact: Helen Post-Brown / 304-366-8590 /


Marshall County


The Children’s Community Garden

This team will build a family/community garden at a public housing development. The garden will supply low-income families with 300 pounds of fresh produce per year, and at least 25 community members will construct and plant the garden.

Partners: Brooke Hancock FRN; Northern Panhandle Parents As Teachers; Moundsville Housing Authority; WVU Extension; Brooke Hancock Family Resource Center; Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau. Lead Contact: Jamie Marchani / 304-810-4522 /


Wheeling Creek Water Trail. This team aims to increase boating on the Wheeling Creek Water Trail by 25% and promote its use. They will install signage and increase number of access points along the waterway, work with city/county parks to connect green spaces to blue trails and carry out fundraising and special events with communities

Partners: Marshall County CVB; Northern Panhandle Parents as Teachers; WVU Ohio County Extension; Grow Ohio Valley. Lead Contact: Jesse Mestrovic / 304-810-4435 /


Mercer County


Healthy Habits. This grant is being renegotiated. In spring 2016, this team will present programs to help educate at least 670 children about good nutrition. They will teach childcare providers about gardening and preparing healthy meals. To encourage the families involved in the childcare program to get involved with gardening, they will start a community garden and provide gardening tools.

Partners: United Way; Teen Court; Bluefield Parks and Recreation

Lead Contact: Michelle Buchanan / 304-324-0453 /


Mineral County


Healthy Habits and Hydration

This team will create a healthy nutrition program at the New Creek School in which all children will participate in a morning play period and take their water bottles with them to class. They will enjoy 60 minutes of physical activity per day and will be encouraged to walk between 0.25-1 mile daily. They will receive the Healthy Hearts for Kids exercise program after school and get fruits and vegetables instead of packaged snacks. Evening fitness classes will be provided in the school gym for parents, families and community members. The grant will pay for supplies.

Partners: Potomac Valley Hospital; Mineral County FRN; Mineral County Board of Education; New Creek Primary School Lead Contact: Robin McDowell / 304-788-4249 /


Food For Thought. This school-hospital team will use their grant for their school backpack program. They will partner with the local farmers market to include fruits, vegetables and healthy options in the backpacks. They aim to provide healthy backpacks for students on weekends (average number of participants is 295.)

Partners: Food For Thought; Mineral County Schools; New Creek Primary School; Potomac Valley Hospital. Lead Contact: Robin McDowell / 304-788-4249 /


Diabetes Prevention – Group Lifestyle Balance

This hospital-school team will implement the 22-session Group Lifestyle Balance program to help people with Type 2 diabetes manage their disease. They will train coaches and conduct an advertising campaign to increase pre-diabetes awareness. One GLB program will be held at a worksite. Another will target women with a history of gestational diabetes, and a third will be a faith-based wellness initiative. The grant will pay for project materials.

Partners: Western Maryland Area Health Education Center; Potomac State College; Mineral County FRN; New Creek Primary School; Potomac Valley Hospital. Lead Contact: Patricia Barbarito / 304-597-3565 /


Mingo County


Matewan Community Arts and Activity Center This team will combine an arts program and a physical equipment “library” that will loan things like hula hoops, jump         ropes, and bicycles to community members and visitors. They will create a usable center to host physical activity projects, community groups and meetings in Matewan

Partners: Matewan Development Corporation; Tug Valley Artisans Group; Matewan Depot; Bike Friendly Matewan; Tug Valley Road Runners Club; Matewan Pre-K through 8 School. Lead Contact: Ellen Hatfield / 606-625-0688 /


Monongalia County


Monongalia County Diabetes Coalition. This team will start a diabetes coalition to serve area residents by providing information, screening, prevention and management and raising awareness about diabetes. They will -create a website, publish a community resource guide, offer two non-invasive diabetes screenings assessments and two lifestyle programs.

Partners: WVU School of Public Health; Eye Foundation of America; Rotary International; Monongalia County Health Department; City of Morgantown; WVU Monongalia County Extension; Woodland and Fairview United Methodist Churches; WVU Wellness Program; WVU Hospital Lead Contact: Dr. Ranjita Misra / 304-293-4168 /


Monroe County


Sail Home With Healthy Snacks

Many area parents drive long distances home after picking children up. They often stop to purchase an unhealthy snack at a convenience store. This team will teach parents and children about healthy snacks that travel well. The project will provide healthy snack workshops for parents and will provide actual “Sail Home healthy Snacks” each day. They will host a celebration at the end of the year featuring foods made from the garden.

Partners: Tri County Produce; Korner Kafe; WVU Monroe County Extension Office; Kids Learning Center; Monroe County FRN; Monroe Early Head Start / Head Start/ Lead Contact: Michelle Groves McFall, 304-772-5240,


Morgan County


12 Habits of Wonderful People. This team is building a three year effort to encourage healthy habits in Morgan County. This year, they will create or partner with local races for 12 Monthly Color Walks, aiming for 600 people per year. Each month, they will sponsor a walk from the center of town to a different health agency to learn about health/wellness services and share an activity. Childcare will be provided with healthy snacks and exercise.

Partners: All of Us, Inc.; Morgan County; Town of Bath Council; WV Health Department; HubCity Web Design; Designs By Darlene; Erin Black Video; Senior Life Services; Ministerial Association; Morgan County Commission; War Memorial Hospital Lead Contact Information: Elaine Parke, 814-779-2060,


Ohio County


Toolbrary. This team will create a “Toolbrary” – a truck equipped with enough garden tools, equipment and learning resources for 30 people, that can be driven to area community gardens, schools, elderly apartments, and other community sites. The Toolbrary truck will significantly lower the cost of creating a garden for area groups. Using the Toolbrary, Grow Ohio Valley will get at least 400 students involved in gardening. They will conduct a tool/resource drive twice a year.

Partners: Grow Ohio Valley; Sisters of St. Joseph; Appalachian Institute of Wheeling Jesuit University; Catholic Charities of WV; House of Hagar Catholic Worker House

Lead Contact: Ken Peralta / 304-233-4769 /


Pocahontas County


MOOVE-IT!  This team will build a quarter-mile-long walking track around the football field at Marlinton Elementary School, which will be incorporated into daily routines and lessons for about 240 elementary school students as well as walking programs for the larger community. They will place members on the Marlinton Elementary Wellness Committee and will research and apply for other grants to expand the project.

Partners: Pocahontas County Board of Ed; Pocahontas County Parks and Recreation; Pocahontas County Family Resource Network; Marlinton Elementary School; Mitchell’s Chevrolet; RESA

Lead Contact: Susan Arbogast / 304-799-6551 /


** Linwood Pavilion Expands! This team will add a grill and outdoor hand washing stations to the community pavilion at the child care center, so they can host community cooking demonstrations and sales, expand food offerings at the daycare and make pavilion rental more attractive, with a goal of creating a sustainable revenue stream. They expect a 20% increase in attendance at the Linwood Farmers Market. Children in the summer feeding program will be able to participate in harvest and preparation of grilled fresh vegetables.

Partners: Linwood Alive; Grow Appalachia; Linwood Community Daycare; WV Development Hub; Pocahontas County School System. Lead Contact: Terry White / 304-572-5739 /


** Healthy Harvest Community Garden. This team will develop a one-acre community garden to grow produce for the local food bank, which serves approximately 425 per month, but most of the food they receive is packaged. This garden will change that. The group will also develop a Healthy Community Coalition and steering committee.

Partners: Pocahontas County FRN; Family Outreach and Education Center; Pocahontas County Commission; Day Report Center; Right From the Start. Lead Contact: Laura Young / 304-799-6847 /


Park Fitness Trail. The team plans to add a quarter-mile walking trail to the local community park. It will circle the play area, basketball courts and skate ramps, providing a place for entire families to be active. They will also install 6-8 pieces of fitness equipment along the trail (pull up bars, sit up bench, etc.) and offer at least two walking programs at the park

Partners: Pocahontas County Parks and Recreation; Durbin ON TRAC; Valley Health Care, Inc.; US Forest Service; Pocahontas County Board of Educatoin

Lead Contact: Lauren Bennett / 304-799-7386 /


Putnam County


Growing the Putnam County Farmers Market is a SNAP. This team will hire a market manager to increase media outreach and educational outreach. They will recruit vendors, engage more SNAP recipients with the market, and offer weekly healthy cooking classes for area residents. They will develop a long term contract with Putnam County Parks Commission for a permanent location at Valley Park

Partners: Putnam County Parks Commission; WV DOA Project Coordinator; Master Gardeners; SISTA; WVU Extension. Lead Contact: Jennifer Spriggel / 304-924-1736 /


Randolph County


Bicycle-Pedestrian Connections & Healthy Elkins Campaign. This team will support a newly designated Elkins Bike Route with signage; public education and outreach; and community biking events. The team has committed to add two blocks of pedestrian routes and 12 miles of bike route. They expect to increase bicycle-pedestrian customer activity at downtown businesses, using survey to measure. They will build the Healthy Elkins team to 20 members and aim for 1,000 Facebook likes by the end of 2015.

Partners: City of Elkins; Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce; Elkins Main Street; Highlands Trail Foundation; Davis Medical Center; Joey’s Bike Shop


Camp Pioneer Walking Trail. This funding will help build a half mile walking trail near Beverly for community use. The team plans to engage local students and youth groups to build the trail and engage the local community in Fun Walks to promote the trail and spread awareness of the health benefits of walking.

Partners: Historic Beverly Preservation; Beverly ON TRAC; WVU Randolph County Extension Service; Randolph County Parks and Recreation Board; Cooper Asphalt, Inc.; Talk 4 Me; Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Youth Group; Appalachian & Ohio Railroad; Beverly Elementary School; Beverly Presbyterian Church Women’s Group

Lead Contact: Linda Peterson / 304-637-7424 /


Taylor County


Getting Kids Moving in Taylor County. This child care center will expand its outdoor area and create separate areas based on children’s ages, allowing for 1-4 more hours of active time in the school day. The center will host an education hour for parents every six months, to help them understand the importance of physical activity in their children’ development.

Partners: Little Feet Daycare & Preschool; KEYS 4 Healthy Kids; WVU Extension; MountainHeart North; HardCore Hunters

Lead Contact: Julie Dowdy / 304-265-4930 /


** Grafton Farmers Market Fabulous Food and Fitness Factory

The team will expand the farmers market with healthy cooking demonstrations and free physical activity demonstrations and equipment for active play. They plan to engage at least 200 visitors to the Grafton Farmers Market in sampling new, healthy recipes and provide at least 100 youth with coupons to purchase produce that they may have not tried before to take home and try new recipes with their family

Partners: WVU Taylor County Extension; PATCH Coalition of Taylor County; Grafton Farmers Market; All Aboard Grafton; Tygart Valley Chamber of Commerce; City of Grafton; West Virginia Physical Activity Network

Lead Contact: Jenny Murray / 304-265-3303 /


Upshur County


** Buckhannon Community Garden

This team wants to build on their earlier work by expanding their community garden so it can reach more people. This team’s goals include: Adding 2 new benches to the garden perimeter; raising 8 beds to a higher level to make them more accessible; installing an irrigation system to 45 existing raised beds; engaging 50 families in raising their own produce; recruiting 75 individuals to maintain and harvest produce

Partners: Create Buckhannon; Upshur County CVB; The Parish House; WV Wesleyan College; Central Supply; CJ Maggie’s Corporation; City of Buckhannon; WV Split Rail; Mountain CAP

Lead Contact: Laura Meadows / 304-473-1400 /


Wetzel County


Commit To Be Fit

A local concrete company partners with a school to create a walking trail around the perimeter of the school playground. School students will create designs for signage on the trail to promote fitness for the community. Other goals include: Create 1100 foot concrete walking trail around perimeter of Short Line School playground; Have 7th and 8th grade students provide learning/fitness objectives around trail with signs and stations by August 2016; Physical Education department of Short Line School will introduce community-wide campaign on the benefits of running/walking (distributed through newspapers, school newsletter, and PTA family nights) by May 2016

Partners: Short Line School; First Baptist Church; PTA; Hulsey Concrete; County Wellness/Nutrition Coordinator; Miller Contracting; Athletic Boosters

Lead Contact: Cindy McSweeney / 304-771-4207 /


Wyoming County


** Wyoming County SADD

This youth team will continue to build their physical activities. They will expand existing physical activity programs and create new opportunities for youth to be active. Their targets include: monthly meetings to plan physical activity events; 5k events such as zombie run and increase participation to at least 24 youth; a yoga group and martial arts group at the youth center; 2 more rides and 10 more members for the bike club

Partners: AmeriCorps VISTA; Wyoming County FRN; POWER House Youth Center

Lead Contact: Kathy Brunty / 304-923-4280 /




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