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Build sidewalks … and they will walk and run.

Linda Bates, Hambleton mayor. lottery bucks, another piece each yr.

Linda Bates, mayor of Tucker County’s Hambleton, says her town uses limited lottery money to build another stretch of sidewalk every year. “It gets the seniors out walking,” she said.

In late August, Linda Bates, mayor of Hambleton (population about 250) was out in the middle of the road, overseeing the bulldozer that was digging a trench for the next section of sidewalk. The tiny Tucker County town doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, she said. “We get a little lottery money, and every year, we build a little more sidewalk.” Residents pitch in to help, and the guy with the bulldozer gives them an amazing rate, “and little by little, our elderly people have a safe sidewalk to walk on,” Bates said. “And they’re using it.”

Want sidewalks that encourage walking and running?

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